[GdM 012] Nieva Sobre Dioses – Ecos De Otros Mundos Sospechados (2008)

Hello dear friends and people of Gorrión de Miga!! We are pleased to post another debut album, this time by the strange electronic-ambient project Nieva Sobre Dioses wich guided by some kind of metaphisical inspiration proposes a trip through a musical landscape that mutates and evolves around a central leit-motiv, obsessively repeated but ever-changing. An album to discover and enjoy!


01 – Su Alma Es El Olvido
02 – Insensible
03 – No Ue Kumo Megami
04 – Resplandor
05 – Ecos de Otros Mundos Sospechados
06 – Oriente En Sueños
07 – Pausas Cristalinas

For direct Download, please use the following link:


[GdM 011] Heliofante – Voyageur Heliophantique (2008)

The absurdly eccentric debut album by Heliofante proposes an unexplainable trip to the more abstract and psychedelic regions of music. You will find in Voyageur Heliphantique four long and evolving tracks where overlapping melodies and minimal and microscopic noises merge in weird ambiences. Strange music for strage people. Enjoy!


01 – Armandia Lidderalei
02 – A Travers du Monstre du la Lumiere
03 – Méridien du Infinit
04 – Voyageur Heliophantique

For direct download, please use the following link:

[GdM 010] Puentes Llamandome al Unisono – Los Días Felices (2008)

After their debut with the homonimous album, Puentes Llamándome al Unisono returns with the 2 track EP, Los Dias Felices, wich sounds a little more mature an melancholic than it´s predecessor.


1- Los Días Felices
2- De Regreso a Todos los Adioses

For direct download, please use the following link:

(GdM 009) Gaueko – Uno (2008)

Hi there people! We are glad to bring you the first IDM-Breakcore album released by Gorrión de Miga in 2008. The Gaueko´s debut album Uno, is a complex musical handicraft based on intrincate rhythmic textures, experimental electronics, holophonic sound clips and contradictory melodies. A weird album that invites the listener to multiple hearings.
Dear friends…enjoy!


01 – Tiempo
02 – Refugio
03 – Las Arañas, Destejiendo
04 – Nowhere to Fade
05 – Implotando
06 – Como el Pasto
07 – Cansancio
08 – Descanso
09 – Como Las Piedras
10 – Laelithia
11 – Caida
12 – Holos
13 – Pavana
14 – Worms
15 – Frío
16 – Angst
17 – Drone
18 – Ultima

For direct download, please use the following link:

[GdM 008] eRG – Dimensiones Emitivas Volumen I (2008)

Beware humans! eRG strikes back with their massive 30 minutes space ambient-noise EP, Dimensiones Emitivas Volumen I. As in their debut album, you will feel the presence of ominous and delirious galactic walls of noise blended with old sci-fi movie clips. Another awesome experimental work by this deep-space lovers. Enjoy!


01 – Dimensiones Emitivas, Volumen I

For direct download, use the following link:

[GdM 007] Puentes Llamandome Al Unisono – Puentes Llamandome al Unisono (2008)

Hello everybody! We bring you this time the self-titled debut album by Puentes Llamándome al Unísono wich built upon repetitive, monotonous and hypnotic minimal ambient textures results in an instrospective and sometimes melancholic work.

01 – Puentes Llamándome al Unisono
02 – Miradas Descalzas
03 – La Ciudad Sin Paragüas
04 – Antes Del Alba
05 – Lo Irreversible
06 – Migración De Soles

For direct Download use the following link:

Uskuf Alagönia and Antena – Now on Myspace

pulpo martini

Hi there dear friends and people of Gorrión de Miga. We are making this little stop in the upload of our catalogue to inform that two of the projects released by our label (Uskuf Alagönia and Antena), are now on Myspace. There you will find info, news, and previously unreleased tracks.

To visit this spaces, please use the following link, or go to the link section:

Uskuf Alagönia´s Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/uskufalagonia
Antena´s Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/antenasignosenelviento

Hugs for all and as allways thank you for all your love and you support.

GdM 006 – Brainwave Sychronizer – Ridiculous Fellow

Brainwavesynchronizer - Ridiculous Fellos (2005) Cover Front

Brainwavesynschronizer is an ambient-noise project wich in this first album, composed in 2005, define it´s sound by the amorphous but yet minimal approach to sonic experimentation. Ridiculous Fellow is all in all a highly enjoyable dark, mysterious and impersonal album. Try it out!


01 Insectos (underground)
02 Larvas
03 Isfëisdáun
04 Animal
05 Metamorfosis
06 Zumbido gris
07 Acid rain in the cement jungle
08 Dead nature
09 Become human

For direct download use the following link: