(GdM 014) Kalix Necralia – Crionecropolis (2009)

Crionecropolis is the second full lenght album by the Polar inspired Ambient-Noise project Kalix Necralia.
Unlike it`s noise-oriented predecessor, Crionecropolis is an album focused in dense, monolithic and, at times, absurdly monotone dark-ambient compositions. All in all, this second work by Kalix Necralia represents an hypnothic and nigthmarish invitation for dark voyagers.


01 – Crionecrópolis
02 – Los Tentáculos de la Eternidad
03 – Hacia el Altar de los Cromatófagos
04 – Monolitos Omniscientes
05 – Cavidades Translúcidas

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[GdM 013] J M Daghero – Experiencia Sonora (2008)

This first album by J M Daghero opens musical possibilities and thats because it´s mainly an evasive experience, that invites the listeners, via weird sonic experimentations, to widen their musical horizons.


01 – Bass Chorus
02 – Turismo Carretera
03 – Silvidonikótico
04 – Australia
05 – Tsivi Inferno
06 – To Nana
07 – White Noise Equalizado
08 – Yo Quiero Un Oso Polar
09 – Desastre

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