(Gdm 015) Che? Project – Vlack Kid Bagina

Hi there people!!
Countinuing with the posts of our catalogue, this time we bring you an example of an extreme approach to musical experimentation, hoping that you don´t miss this one.
Che? Project´s music is built upon sick loops, deformation of sounds and melodies, noises, and lots of abstract weirdness.


1 – (comienzo)
2 – Lesbianism is a trademark
3 – Hey, Piri Reis…
4 – Antikythera
5 – Interludio I
6 – AhMhIhLCAhR
7 – Ümit preludio
8 – Ümit
9 – Kornel Est
10 – Todas las praderas
11 – Interludio II
12 – Macedonia, Macedonia…dear Macedonia
13 – Picaduras
14 – We like ‘squirt’ tagged videos
15 – (fin)

For direct download, please use the following link:

Por favor, no dejen de visitar los siguientes enlaces para más de Che? Project!!!

Myspace de Che? Project

Lastfm de Che? Project



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