(GdM 014) Kalix Necralia – Crionecropolis (2009)

Crionecropolis is the second full lenght album by the Polar inspired Ambient-Noise project Kalix Necralia.
Unlike it`s noise-oriented predecessor, Crionecropolis is an album focused in dense, monolithic and, at times, absurdly monotone dark-ambient compositions. All in all, this second work by Kalix Necralia represents an hypnothic and nigthmarish invitation for dark voyagers.


01 – Crionecrópolis
02 – Los Tentáculos de la Eternidad
03 – Hacia el Altar de los Cromatófagos
04 – Monolitos Omniscientes
05 – Cavidades Translúcidas

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[GdM 011] Heliofante – Voyageur Heliophantique (2008)

The absurdly eccentric debut album by Heliofante proposes an unexplainable trip to the more abstract and psychedelic regions of music. You will find in Voyageur Heliphantique four long and evolving tracks where overlapping melodies and minimal and microscopic noises merge in weird ambiences. Strange music for strage people. Enjoy!


01 – Armandia Lidderalei
02 – A Travers du Monstre du la Lumiere
03 – Méridien du Infinit
04 – Voyageur Heliophantique

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[GdM 010] Puentes Llamandome al Unisono – Los Días Felices (2008)

After their debut with the homonimous album, Puentes Llamándome al Unisono returns with the 2 track EP, Los Dias Felices, wich sounds a little more mature an melancholic than it´s predecessor.


1- Los Días Felices
2- De Regreso a Todos los Adioses

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[GdM 008] eRG – Dimensiones Emitivas Volumen I (2008)

Beware humans! eRG strikes back with their massive 30 minutes space ambient-noise EP, Dimensiones Emitivas Volumen I. As in their debut album, you will feel the presence of ominous and delirious galactic walls of noise blended with old sci-fi movie clips. Another awesome experimental work by this deep-space lovers. Enjoy!


01 – Dimensiones Emitivas, Volumen I

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[GdM 007] Puentes Llamandome Al Unisono – Puentes Llamandome al Unisono (2008)

Hello everybody! We bring you this time the self-titled debut album by Puentes Llamándome al Unísono wich built upon repetitive, monotonous and hypnotic minimal ambient textures results in an instrospective and sometimes melancholic work.

01 – Puentes Llamándome al Unisono
02 – Miradas Descalzas
03 – La Ciudad Sin Paragüas
04 – Antes Del Alba
05 – Lo Irreversible
06 – Migración De Soles

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GdM 005 – Antena – Signos En El Viento (2008)

Antena - Signos En El Viento Cover Front

Between Indie, Electronic and Post-rock influences Antena bring us this first album where feelings of sadness but also of hope converge in a work full of tender and sweet songs. Signos en el Viento is without any doubts a beautiful piece of musical handicraft.


01 – Antena – Hasta La Próxima Estación
02 – Antena – Olas Para Armar
03 – Antena – Signos En El Viento
04 – Antena – Molinos De Papel
05 – Antena – Como Frágiles Y Extrañas Figuras Al Amanecer
06 – Antena – Ciudades Cansadas
07 – Antena – Soñadores
08 – Antena – Sol Interior

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GdM 004 – Esfera – Señorita Perplejidad y la Sombra del Triton (2008)

Esfera - Señorita Perplejidad Y La Sombra Del Tritón (2008) Cover Front

Another debut album, this time by Esfera, a strange and experimental entity wich offers in this work, two chapters of ludic experimentation inscribed between the monotony of repetitive melodies and permanently mutating ambiences.


01 – Esfera – 200 Gramos De Matusalenes
02 – Esfera – Señorita Perplejidad y la Sombra Del Tritón

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GdM 003 – Kalix Necralia – El Ensueño Del Ciclope Subglacial (2008)

Kalix Necralia - El Ensueño Del Cíclope Subglacial (2008) Cover Front
El Ensueño del Cíclope Subgalcial it´s the debut album by the Ambient-Noise project known as Kalix Necralia. In this album you will find a huge amount of noisy and twisted dark ambient passages inspired by the dark polar regions.

01 – Kalix Necralia – Carpóstodo Ascendente
02 – Kalix Necralia – La Llegada De Los Ángeles De Escarcha
03 – Kalix Necralia – El Ensueño del Cíclope Subglacial
04 – Kalix Necralia – Un Llanto En Los Confines Del Mundo
05 – Kalix Necralia – Los Heraldos Del Eon De Hielo

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