Uskuf Alagönia and Antena – Now on Myspace

pulpo martini

Hi there dear friends and people of Gorrión de Miga. We are making this little stop in the upload of our catalogue to inform that two of the projects released by our label (Uskuf Alagönia and Antena), are now on Myspace. There you will find info, news, and previously unreleased tracks.

To visit this spaces, please use the following link, or go to the link section:

Uskuf Alagönia´s Myspace:
Antena´s Myspace:

Hugs for all and as allways thank you for all your love and you support.


Gorrión de Miga on Wordpress


Hello there Folks!

We are Gorrión de Miga Records, a Netlabel intrested in releasing and sharing a wide range of underground experimental music.

Even though we created the label as a home for our own artistical explorations, we decided to open it´s doors for other people with similar intrests. Now, after a year of releasing albums from new and promising underground artists on our Web Site, we created this WordPress space in order to maintain a more dynamic feedback with our people.

We would like to thank all those artists that trusted us their works, and of course, all the friends and people that supported us along the way

We will be publishing our catalogue little by little in this blog, so you should be able to download all of our albums very soon

Don´t forget to visit our main site at

Hugs for all and stay in touch!