[GdM 008] eRG – Dimensiones Emitivas Volumen I (2008)

Beware humans! eRG strikes back with their massive 30 minutes space ambient-noise EP, Dimensiones Emitivas Volumen I. As in their debut album, you will feel the presence of ominous and delirious galactic walls of noise blended with old sci-fi movie clips. Another awesome experimental work by this deep-space lovers. Enjoy!


01 – Dimensiones Emitivas, Volumen I

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GdM 002 – eRG – The Mistery Of The Dead Stars (2008)

ERG - The Mistery Of The Dead Stars Cover Front BLANCO Y NEGRO
The second release by Gorrión de Miga Records comes from the eccentric space-noise project eRG, wich in their first album, The Mistery Of The Dead Stars, has made an extraordinary and weird work where noise meet the inspirational visions of old science fiction films, giving birth to this experimental approach to the misteries of the space.

Track List:

01 – eRG – The Mistery Of The Dead Stars – Revolutions In The Void
02 – eRG – The Mistery Of The Dead Stars – The Creature That We Made
03 – eRG – The Mistery Of The Dead Stars – The Silence Will Come For Us
04 – eRG – Astros En Desintegración
05 – eRG – El Curso De La Goleta Aerostática
06 – eRG – El Último Sobreviviente De Los Templos Suspendidos

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